There’s no way we could have imagined being able to live our dream side by side when we bumped into each other at a coffee house four years ago.  If it weren't for that fateful humid July afternoon,we would have never discovered our passion for community, traveling, adoption and capturing love stories.

Marriage makes us better.

As we've ventured from those coffee dates playing rummy and drinking iced chais, to growing through the pains of long distance and eventually vowing forever to each other, we found...together...a passion for marriage and filming the most beautiful love stories.  

Yes we are filmmakers and yes we are blessed and grateful to be living out our passion. But our focus is adventuring together in this crazy thing called life. Our purpose is to love and serve others how Jesus has loved and served us. Our vision is to allow that love to permeate our marriage and hopefully spill into yours. We are honored to not only capture the first steps of marriage on your wedding day but to connect and help you build a strong one.

We are the Alcantaras. Film Makers. Mountain Chasers. Daughter + Son of the God Most High.

We can't wait to meet you.

Arielle + Pat