If it was up to us, we’d get to know each other while sitting around our dining room table sharing a cup of coffee.  But since the interwebs are a funny thing, we’ll try to share our heart here as authentically as possible.  We’re Patrick and Arielle- often called Pat and Elle.  We’re a husband-wife/best buds duo from the suburbs of Chicago (but love and will travel anywhere.) When not chasing around our adorable toddler, you’ll find us hosting a gaggle of friends in our cozy home, playing all the board and card games and drinking pots of coffee.  We are known among photographers to work in a seamless partnership with them, making wedding days a breeze from a vendor stand point.  Just a little humble-brag, we pride ourselves in being referred from photographers who haven’t even worked with us but have heard of our team mind-set, which can be rare in the wedding industry.

We film your day through the filter of truth, rawness and authenticity.  And you’ll also find that while building a relationship with us.  We consider ourselves more than just your wedding videographer vendor for the day.  Rather we want you to feel seen, cared for and taken care of.  We treat our couples like family and most of the time become family in the years after the wedding.  We recognize we are in sacred space on a wedding day…sometimes our footage is the last of family members before passing.  We don’t just consider it a job but a privilege to capture the belly laugh from grandpa or a silly sister singing and dancing while getting ready.  We quietly enter your day with smiles on our faces, and often, tears in our eyes as your sacred day unfolds around you.  We capture moments you don’t even know you want to remember- like how extra long your mom hugs you while she breaths in the flood of memories and just needs to hug you for a few extra beats to take it all in.  Holy space.  When we say we feel honored to be a part, it’s not just a flimsy line we’re typing- from the bottom of our heart, we mean it.

We can't wait to meet you.

Pat + Elle