We Love Photogs

In the wedding industry there is a non-spoken annoyance between photographers and videographers.  I can only assume it’s rooted in the fact that everyone has a big job to get done on wedding days.  Hello, you’re capturing one of the most important days of their lives thus far- and you’re expected to deliver and meet the expectations of our sweet couples.  Talk about pressure.  We often hear from photographers how much they appreciate our “Team Spirit” approach.  Patrick and I decided from the get-go that we were not only called to love and serve our couples on their wedding day, but we are also called to love and go the extra mile for the other vendors, especially the photographers.  Instead of choosing competition and selfishness, we choose to work as a team with the photogs.  We try and reach out before the wedding to introduce ourselves.  With this approach, we’ve actually made several genuine friendships with photographers.  When you choose to work as a team, the couple ultimately gets the best work from both parties.  A little kindness and consideration goes a long way in this industry. 

Pat and I were honored to have a few photographers write a few words about what it’s like, as a photographer, to work with us on a wedding day.  We’ll include their words below!

“One of the best parts of being a wedding photographer is meeting so many amazing couples and learning their stories. Rarely does that happen with other wedding vendors. Most videographers or DJs are simply trying to do great work for their clients. Pat and Arielle are no exception, but they take it a step further and actively pursue to have a great relationship with the other vendors they work with.  There seems to be a stigma between wedding photographers and videographers. Each feeling like they deserve to run the show and make their shot the priority. But working with Pat and Arielle is so different. They work with me as a teammate, and both my photography and their videography improves because of it.  I can’t even begin to explain how amazing their work is, so I will let their videos speak for themselves. It’s truly remarkable the stories they capture for their couples. They are so great to work with and I genuinely look forward to the weddings where I get to photograph next to Pat and Arielle. I can’t recommend them enough.” Jonathon Brust from Jonathan Brust Phtography

“Pat and Arielle are awesome! Can we just start by saying that?!? Their love for each other and their love for others is a rare quality scarcely seen but always talked about. Their love for life and the maker of life its self makes them one of those amazing couples when we meet them we were instantly inspired and comfortable working with them. My wife and I have had the opportunity now to photograph multiple weddings alongside The Alcantaras as they preformed the videography. We were both instantly impressed with how much they focused on working with us as a team to accomplish the goals of the Bride and Groom. I think in this field we see a lot of photographers and videographers who have their own visions for the images and video they want from the day and end up being at odds wrestling for time for their own agendas as they think only of building their own portfolios. But I believe that the mark of mature and authentic visual artist in this industry is their ability to listen to the couple and together work to make sure that the couple's expectations are meet and exceeded as a team... And the Alcataras are 1 of the very few we've ever meet who understand and live out that secret of success in our industry. As a full-time husband and wife wedding photography team who have photographed weddings in 31 different States, internationally in both Mexico and New Zealand and 3 Celebrity weddings over the last 12 years... when we tell you The Alcantaras quickly earned our referral as one of the few videographers we ever recommend... we mean it. Their smiles are real, their hearts are big, they're fun to be around and honestly, that kind of couple is the kind of couple who sees life beautifully and as a result they are the kind of couple you want seeing your wedding through their lenses for you to look back on because it will be beautiful! We're so glad we get to call them friends!” – Britton Felber from Photography by Britton

“Seth & I love working with the Alcantaras. They are such a great team and compliment our style of wedding photography. I love that they are easy going and can work with a flexible timeline. They communicate with the wedding photographers very well, which is appreciated. Knowing where they will stand or be or what they need to shoot, is helpful so I can work with them instead of trying to work around or guess what they may or may not do. I feel like we are working towards a common goal of capturing the wedding day and celebration verses trying to outdo one another's artist vision. But I probably most appreciate that they don't interfere with posing. If one of them has an idea, they simply say something to me and wait for an opportunity to set it up instead of interrupting my interaction with the couple. It feels good that they trust me to set up a shot and allow the couple to interact without too many distraction or instructions. After our first wedding with Patrick & Arielle, I friended them on Facebook from the parking lot of the venue and that sums up how I feel about them. They are wonderful people with a honest desire to serve their clients and provide a beautiful video capturing their wedding day. I really like how they are down to earth, fun people and enjoy working with each other and us. They are so encouraging and helpful. I highly recommend them to my brides and grooms looking for a videographer.” –Mary Morris from Seth Morris Photography

“Working with Arielle and Pat was easily one of my best experiences working alongside a Videography team.  As a photographer, having videographers that communicate and work with you instead of around you is vital for both mediums to succeed, and there was never once an issue swapping positions, angles, ideas, etc. while working together.  Pat and Arielle were immediately friendly, warm and extremely easy to work with; and we could readily feed off each other’s vision and creativity while working.  Not only are they a great team, they are also both awesome people.  I can’t wait to work with them again.”

 – Arielle Gallione from Arielle Gallione Photography